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Maderoterapia (Wood Therapy)

This treatment releases the toxins that build up in our bodies, and breaks down the fascia that causes the lumps and bumps on the thighs and booty. Known as maderoterapia..popularized by the Colombians to shape and tone the body. Tighten, tone, release toxins, diminish cellulite, snatch your waist, lift your booty.. from your calves all the way up to your arms. Using various wood tools to sculpt your body..we can customize and focus on the areas that you want to address. 

Booty Plump (Vacuum Therapy) 

Vacuum therapy of the booty, doesn’t hurt..just a firm pressure. This treatment can give you a firmer, perkier, bigger, plumper booty. This treatment can increase blood circulation, release toxins, diminish cellulite, break up lactic acid after a workout, and reshape your booty. Alternative to a $20,000 BBL..we’ll do our best to plump your booty. Combo with the laser lipo or wood therapy to snatch your waist and get your curves 🍑

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Cellulite treatments

These treatments can give you a smoother less dimpled appearance. We tackle cellulite in many ways, vacuum therapy, wood therapy radio frequency. We use every tool we have to get rid of those dimples for a firmer, toned appearance. Sessions will increase blood circulation, release toxins, diminish cellulite, break up lactic acid after a workout, glow up your skin. Individual results vary, but it’s so worth it. 

Jawline and Full Face Contour

Same radio frequency treatment that we use in our body treatments, only we focus on the neck, chin, jowls, jawline and face. Tighten up that lower face and neck..reduce pores, lift cheeks, increase elastin and collagen, with no downtime. 

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Non-invasive Laser lipo

Laser lipo is non-invasive, which means no needles, scalpels, no recovery, no downtime..just a warm sensation while the low level lasers penetrate your fat cells. They say 8 sessions is equal to surgical liposuction.  The treatment is very easy to handle, and men, especially get great results. We put elastic bands around the areas that are being treated and we put the laser paddles under the elastic bands. They’re the size of a cell phone. Great for shrinking fat..this is not for skin tightening, but it can be combined with radio frequency if you have fat that you want to shrink and then need in the arms and tummy where there’s usually more jiggle and sag. Like all of our generally takes multiple sessions. The 3 session package is always recommended. 

Radio frequency skin tightening

Kim Kardashian raves about RF skin tightening. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. You choose your area, and we’ll tighten it up. This is the treatment used in the full face contour and the jawline contour. We focused on an area with loose skin..whatever that may be for you, your stomach, your arm jiggle. It’s not painful, just a warm’s actually very relaxing with no down time. It builds collagen and elastin, and it’s good for all skin types. Multiple sessions are recommended..very recommended..every body is different in how it responds to the treatments we provide. The majority of people need multiple sessions, and the package pricing is the best deal. 

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Lower body makeover 

Using wood therapy, known as maderoterapia, we contour your lower body to target the toxins and fascia that cause cellulite. We also use vacuum therapy to help drain the toxins. This includes the calves, front and back of the thighs, and the booty. 

Complete Body Makeover using Maderoterapia 

If you want a complete body makeover this is the service to book. Using wood therapy, known as maderoterapia, we contour your lower body to target the toxins and fascia that cause cellulite. This includes the calves, front and back of the thighs. We also use our wood therapy tools to slim your waist, stomach, and back. Safe for all skin types, and most health conditions. It is used to firm and tone the body, and can reduce localized fat and break down cellulite. Aside from toning and tightening you’ll get the added benefits of an increased metabolism. 


Body Contouring 

This treatment breaks down fat, tightens skins, flushes toxins, and can be used on all skin types. Best used on arms, tummy, and thighs. Using a combination of radio frequency for skin tightening, lipo cavitation to melt the fat, vacuum therapy to move your fat into the lymph pathways, we can contour, smooth and reduce size to sculpt areas of your body. As with all of our services, we recommend multiple sessions. Individual results vary. We wish it could all be done in one session, but good things take time. 

EMT Muscle building

We have the newest machine on the market combining muscle building and fat burning to get you the best results.
You can combine body contouring to get even better results.


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