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Start your new career

Learn more with hands on, in studio, one on one body contour training.  Training model provided to practice all areas of the body with each device used on your machines. Lipo cavitation, radio frequency, laser lipolysis, handheld vacuum, and booty plump vacuum machine.

Leave with your manual, machines, transmission gel, alcohol wipes, oil, and your certificatification to start your new career, side job, or elevate your current beauty service. We have several machine packages available. Check in the  appointment and pricing section in the drop down menu. 

NO big classes. You go to some trainings and you wait 45 minutes for everyone to arrive and sign in. You go over a manual that looks like an old science book from the 7th grade about body processes, then there’s an hour break for lunch, the 10-20 people share one training model for each device, you leave and don’t know how to operate your machines, what setting to use etc. and it took all day. Don’t waste your time. We do a non-stop 4-6 hour class.  Learn at your own pace.

We train what you actually need to know to start your body contouring business right away.

Our training manual includes practical information. You need to know how to avoid burning your client, which gel not to use, the benefits of multiple machines etc. 

Contact us with any questions. You can book your training online, or contact us at 480-329-5134. 

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