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*Drink Lots of water..2-3 liters per day for two days prior to your treatment date. This allows the body to flush the waste and toxins that we’re releasing effectively.
*Avoid eating two hours prior..especially if we’re targeting your stomach.*Avoid alcohol and caffeine the day before, day of, and day after your session*
 *If you have a sunburn, we’ll have to postpone your treatment
 *Treatment area should be shaved
 *Wait 3 months after surgery in the treatment area
*Book before or after your monthly cycle, if you have one.
 *Do NOT book if you’re pregnant
 *Don’t book if you’re on antibiotics..wait until 10 days after
*if your skin is bruised or irritated, or if you have a rash in the treatment area..wait until you’re all cleared up*Don’t spray tan right before..especially if you’re booking the laser lipo treatment *Remove piercings in the treated area*No implants in the treated area*No apple watches during most services*Consult your physician if you have health issues 
READ the important section info as well:)

Post treatment 

Drink 2-3 liters of water for at least two days after your treatment 
Walking or exercising post treatment will improve your results
Some redness or swelling may appear initially following treatment
Do not eat 1 hour post treatment
Decrease fatty and fried foods..or heavy carbs immediately after your treatment. 

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