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What services will work best for me?
Unless, you only have one area to treat , it’s best to book the I don’t know what to book session. The descriptions are listed in the appointments section. It’s always best to book extra time. We will only charge for the time that we actually use. 


Everyone has different goals. Everyone starts from a different starting point. We recommend at least three sessions, but it could take longer to get to your goals. We are happy to do a consultation as well.

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*We charge by the amount of time, not by the area. *We Target all of your areas of concern at the same time. *We have multiple machines, with more laser Lipo paddles per machine. Other body contouring locations charge per area and have fewer machines. Read the I don’t know what to book package description. *We have 5 certifications, and we continue to learn. *We train and certify other body contouring professionals . *We’re insured.*Check out our before/after pics 

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