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Prior to booking your service please be advised. 
*Staff wears masks and gloves*
*Don’t book within 3 months of surgery in related treatment areas..message if you’ve had Lipo and we might be able to work to help with swelling, if you had a breast augmentation it won’t matter that we work on your booty..if you had dental surgery it won’t matter what we’re working on etc. Contact us with any questions. :)*Don’t book if you’re pregnant or breast feeding..come see us after:), hope you have a trouble-free pregnancy and a safe delivery.  *Don’t book if you have cancer, malignancy, or are being treated in any well and prayers and healing vibes for you**Don’t book if your liver or kidneys are compromised..we are releasing toxins..consult your physician**Don’t book if you have a pacemaker, imbedded metal objects, implants, uncontrolled heart disease..please consult your physician. *Don’t book if you’re on your period, especially if your stomach is the area we’re working on.  Questions, please ask:)*Don’t book if you have a rash or open sores, sunburn etc.**Don’t book if you’re on antibiotics or have been on them in the previous 10 days**Consult a physician if you have any health conditions that you think could be a problem* Low level lasers, radio waves and radio frequency is what we’re using. *Don’t book if you’ve had a fever, or you’re sick, or exposed to covid**No guests, unless your friend comes for a treatment, and no kids**Don’t spray tan right will get messed up..especially the laser lipo**Please text, DM, or email any questions.**Thanks..we look forward to working with you on your body goals. If we can’t work with you at this time..we’ll be here when you’re ready. If you have failing health, or underlying health conditions. We’re sorry we can’t well, be is short, enjoy every moment. 

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